• 22 Jun

    What’s going on then?

    Hello world. Been a while since I checked in. Not for any particular reason, and so it seems fitting I post this update, not for any particular reason.

    This year I have been carrying on my duties as the sole and first ever full-time Staff Writer for Comedy Central here in the UK, a strange TV channel full of contradictions and oddities. Guess that’s what makes it unique.

    Aside from the usual script editing/continuity writing, recently I’ve been charged with writing ‘subliminal’ messages that pop up momentarily on the TV screen in between the programmes. They’re fun to do as i have complete free rein to write about whatever I want.

    They’ve caused a bit of a stir, with people posting these ‘hidden’ messages on YouTube and subsequent debate as to whether or not the Government is using secret mind control devices on the unsuspecting public. Here’s the deal. They’re not. Still, just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after you….

    I’m also set to produce a further series of podcasts with comedians Robin Ince and Josie Long. “Robin and Josie’s Utter Shambles” has proves to be a lot of fun to make, allowing me to meet some truly inspirational people. The latest series topped the iTunes podcast chart and has currently had one and a half million downloads and counting. Can’t wait to see who we get for the next batch.

    As for my own projects, I’m set to film and appear a series of online shorts I’ve co written with two other talented men, one an excellent writer the other a rather nifty producer/director. Both very funny people and we’ve pretty much nailed down a shooting script and most of the pre-recorded rushes so hopefully we can clear out schedules to actually get in front of the camera before the summer is over.

    Work also continues on an original comedy pilot script I’ve been commissioned to write for independent production company TellyJuice, which i am enjoying immensely. This is the first time I’m working with an already established world and characters, so it’s been fun slotting all the pieces together with my own plot. There’s also a part in it for me (pure coincidence, I assure you) so watch this space.

    In other news, I was recently blown away by Jerry Seinfeld’s O2 show (a masterclass in delivery, timing and structure), I have developed what I hope to be a lifelong and mutually caring relationship with Hendricks gin and tonic (plus cucumber of course, not lime) and am looking forward to reliving my teenage metal years with some of my oldest friends when the ‘Big Four’ come to play at the Sonisphere Festival in July.

    My aim from now on is to make more regular blog posts but for more immediate updates, follow me on Twitter: twitter.com/adrianmackinder

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