I tell stories. That’s what I do. For nearly 20 years, I have been telling stories for the world’s most important brands and with the most talented people. My work can be seen on film, TV and radio, in print, online, social and live on stage.

I am fascinated not just by what people think, but why they think. What motivates complex characters to beautiful acts of kindness or appalling deeds of horror. How we communicate with each other, and what happens when we fail to do so. That is the crux of great story telling, comedy or tragedy.

I have performed in some of the world’s leading comedy venues. From stand-up comedy in London and improv in New York to hosting corporate events and workshops, it doesn’t take much to get me showing off.

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark but I operate on a global platform. Either working remotely or frequently travelling for specific projects, I can deliver exactly what you need at short notice. So what do you need? Have a look around my site and if you think I can help you tell your story, or want to hear more of mine, drop me a line.