My first professional writing credit was a 1999 report on ‘Qualitative Reforms in Education’ for the British Government. It was not as funny as it sounds. Since then I have written for a wide range of clients across many sectors.

I specialise in comedy – writing scripts, comics, commercials, promos, animation, blogs, news, reviews, editorial, continuity and social media. That said, I deliver premium-quality writing in any style for any audience or demographic. I believe a good writer can turn his hand to any brief and my CV reflects this.

I’m fortunate to enjoy a varied and satisfying writing career. It’s a curious and precarious job, one I never take for granted. With several personal projects in various stages of development, including the first novel in a planned series of historical fiction, I’m excited about what’s round the corner.

For latest news, check out my blog, which I aim to keep more regularly updated than I have done in the past.

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You can also drop me a line on contact@adrianmackinder.co.uk

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